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Attacker has access to the machine:
System supports timeout :
Number of attempts until timeout:
Length of timeout in seconds:
System supports Lockout:
Number of attempts until lockout:
Length of lockout in minutes:
Password Hidden:
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Too Short
Bits of Entropy:
0 bits
Speed to Hack Password:
Windows 95:
A Windows 95 Machine with an Intel Pentium Pro 200Mhz

0 seconds
Windows 10:
Windows 10 on a Core i5-6600K with 4 cores running at 3.5Ghz

0 seconds
Windows 20:
A Windows Machine running the expected CPU in 2020

0 seconds

Additions Type Rate Count Bonus
Number of Characters Flat +(n*4)
Uppercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Lowercase Letters Cond/Incr +((len-n)*2)
Numbers Cond +(n*4)
Symbols Flat +(n*6)
Middle Numbers or Symbols Flat +(n*2)
Requirements Flat +(n*2)
Letters Only Flat -n
Numbers Only Flat -n
Repeat Characters (Case Insensitive) Comp -
Consecutive Uppercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Lowercase Letters Flat -(n*2)
Consecutive Numbers Flat -(n*2)
Sequential Letters (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Numbers (3+) Flat -(n*3)
Sequential Symbols (3+) Flat -(n*3)
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